A guide to planning a bathroom renovation

Before jumping right into making renovations for your new bathroom it is crucial to first make a plan of how to go about it. Many homeowners make mistakes in the renovations because they do not follow any systematic procedure in the process. Hence, if you are unaware of how to go about the renovation this article is just for you. Below is an elaborated step by step guide for you to use in planning your bathroom renovations.

  • Establish what in the bathroom you want to renovate

When making the decision to renovate it is good to be clear of what the renovation will entail. It could be you just want to renovate a few areas or you can go for the whole bathroom. This is meant to give you starting point for the design you want to implement as well as some of the materials you will require then learn how to clean a shower.

  • Research

If you do not have a clue on what design or amenities to use, the internet is your best source of information. Browse as many home improvement websites as you can find; taking into consideration all the designs you come across. It is also a good idea to look for a suitable floor plan that you think can work for your bathroom space. Make sure to take notes of all the amenities, fixtures and materials used in your preferred designs so as to be able to make a budget. You may opt to mix different aspects of various designs so as to get a well rounded and unique design

  • Estimate your budget

Once you have a design in mind, it is important to establish the amount of money you are willing to part with for the renovation. A tip for setting a budget is to always over budget because it is hard to get a round figure when making estimations. It would be better to over budget and have a balance in the end instead of under budgeting which means you will be unable to complete the project on time until you source more funds.

  • Get a professional contractors opinion

Whether you plan to carry out the renovation yourself or hire someone, a professional’s opinion is a valuable piece of information. A professional contractor with reasonable experience should be able to advise you on how the design you choose can work best for your bathroom. This is especially for complicated designs which are bound to require a lot of floor planning. A contractor will also provide you with netter estimates for the materials required so as to make necessary changes to your budget or they can provide you with alternative materials that are cheaper yet provide the same function.

  • Think long term

When making renovations to a house, you should consider their implications to already existing infrastructure. For instance in the case of a bathroom, you have to figure out whether the utility supplies i.e. water and electric channels require to be removed and reinstalled. If the channels are already old and out dated or they will get in the way of the renovation, it is advisable to remove them and re-build the whole system from scratch. If you do not do this you may be forced to tear down the new bathroom to fix or replace the shower head.

  • Take your time

At every stage of the planning and renovation, make sure to go through every aspect thoroughly without rushing. Homeowners looking to sell their homes carry out bathroom renovations in a hurried manner with the aim of raising their homes’ value and making a quick sale. Always make wise decisions when planning because ‘failure to plan is planning to fail.’

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