Using Your Ergonomic Chair Correctly

Ergonomic chairs are meant to help the user maintain a healthy posture even through long hours at their desk. They are therefore designed to support the legs and back to ensure the best posture which reduces strain on the spine. Incorrect posture will lead to back and neck pain which if ignored could become chronic. Most people wrongly assume that after buying their ergonomic chair they are completely protected. They do not then take the time to learn how to use it properly and are surprised when they end up with the same problems they tried to avoid.

Below are a few tips to help ensure that when you do get your ergonomic chair, you end up using it right:

1.Get out of the chair

While this may seem like ill placed advice for someone who has just bought a chair so they can sit for longer with minimal strain, it is important. Too often people assume that an ergonomic chair is meant to eliminate the need for leaving the desk to stretch. This is not true because they are meant to protect your body from incorrect posture and to improve posture. It is still recommended that you take a break every so often to walk about and stretch. This relaxes muscles that may start tensing up over time as well as improves circulation.

2.Get familiar

The first thing you should do upon receiving your chair is to get familiar with it. Most ergonomic chairs will come with a simple user’s manual to help you understand them better. Ergonomic chairs have a wide variety of features to help support your entire body. Taking time to understand these features ensures that you make maximum use of them without misusing them. While some features may be open and easy to understand, some are not so exposed. Some of these features may be unique to your particular brand and model and you may not have heard of them.

3.Use with different floor surfaces

While this may be more for convenience rather than actual safety it is an important factor to consider. When using an ergonomic chair on a carpeted floor it may prove a bit difficult to move it around. This can be solved with the use of a floor mat that allows the wheels to move around without damaging your carpet. This will also relieve the undue strain on the chair itself when you try to move around while sitting on it. This will mean that you can use it longer without wear and tear. Trying to drag the chair along a carpeted floor will also prove to be counterproductive because it does put a lot of strain on the legs and the lower back. This is the opposite of what should be the case with some office chairs.

4.Adjust seat height

You will need to find the perfect height for your body to make maximum use of your ergonomic chair. You want to avoid a situation where the chair is so high that your legs are not touching the floor or where it is so low that you are sitting in an awkward position and have to strain to reach the desk. Such types of situations will put too much strain on your muscles and in some case lead to poor circulation. Your feet should be able to rest flatly on the floor without exerting any strain on the legs. The knees should come into the seat at an angle of 90 degrees. This will ensure that there is no undue pressure on your knees.

Correct use of an ergonomic chair is just as important as the decision to make the purchase.

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